Individual Membership

Individual Membership: The CanCham Individual Membership is a way for persons who are seeking to meet and connect with business professionals in Cambodia, but do not have a legally constituted business, to dive into the local business community and network with Canadian, Cambodian, and Multi-National professionals in the country.

An Individual Member will be accorded voting status.


Other benefits include:

+  Opportunities to meet and network with potential cooperative business partners

+ Attend regular meetings with other CanCham members

+ Contribute to the promotion of Canada’s interests in Cambodia

+ Access to special events with Canadian Embassy

+ Voice your business concerns to the policy makers through our association

+ Invitation to CanCham events at a discounted rate

+ Consult about business opportunities in Cambodia 


Application Process for Individual Membership

To register as a CanCham Individual Member, you must complete the Individual Membership form found here. Membership fees can be paid via bank transfer, or online via credit card. As soon as your application form and payment have been processed, you will have access to the benefits of the CanCham Individual Membership. 

Individual Membership fee: $60 USD (January 2020 to December 2020, fees from now to end-of-year is waived)